BOSS tools presented to the students of Startup management course

Students attending the Startup management course held within the Master’s Programme 4.0 had the opportunity to learn more about the BOSS platform and tools during online classes held in May. As a part of the lecture focused on the Industrial environment (tools and assessment skills), Prof. Mladen Čudanov, PhD from Faculty of Organizational Sciences spoke about the position of a startup in the industrial environment, competition, partners, distributors, and production. The importance of developing an adequate business model for setting up and running of a business, as well as having a value proposition, problem-solution fit, and product-market fit was also mentioned as a prelude for the introduction of different tools for business model development. Besides other tools, such as Osterwalder’s and Pigneur’s Canvas, Teece’s Matrix and Porter’s value chain, Prof. Čudanov presented the BOSS platform as valuable source and the business opportunity development tool, and invited students to go to the platform, test the tools, and learn from available educational materials.