Management of the project

The management structure of the project had been designed to ensure successful realization of planned activities and it was officially adopted at the kick-off meeting.

It involves, Project Coordinator, Project Management team (PMt), Quality Assurance team (QAt), Dissemination team (Disst), Steering Committee, Development team (Dt), Team leaders, and Activity leaders, as described below.

The Project Coordinator – UB will coordinate the project and will be responsible for overall project management, efficient use of the project grant, communication and reporting to NA, etc.

Project Management team (PMt) – Led by UB, consists of three members appointed by partner institutions (local Project Managers) who will jointly manage all operational aspects of project. Besides this, PMt will be responsible for development of Project Management procedures, organization and implementation of project partner meetings, reporting, including BOSS platform in standard procedures of UB and ULiege TTOs and organizing tendering process.

Quality Assurance team (QAt) – Led by ULiège, include one member from each partner organization selected based on their experience and expertise. Team will be responsible for creation of Quality Control System and internal quality control and monitoring of results.

Dissemination team (Disst) – Led by UB, consist of three members from partner institutions who will be in responsible for: creation and monitoring of implementation of the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan, publishing information related to project activities and results via different communication channels, communication and cooperation with Associated Partners and supporting of BOSS users.

Development team (Dt) – Led by META, will include team members of all partners who will be responsible for development of intellectual outputs. Additionally, one person from each project partner development team will be selected for local development team leader. Those persons will be responsible for communication with other team members within their institution and with development team leaders from other project partner institutions and they will report to their local Project Manager.

Steering Committee – consisting of three members from partner institutions will be in charge of evaluation of the overall progress of the project, both the process of developing and implementing the project, and its actual impact on its intended audience. Steering Committee will be in charge of conflict management and will provide guidance to the project team if necessary.

Team leaders – responsible for monitoring of the overall progress of each team (PMt, QAt, Disst, Dt) and its activities.

Activity leaders – responsible for monitoring of the assigned activity, ensuring its quality

level and timeliness, and active participation of other partners. Regarding development of Intellectual Outputs, META will be responsible for creation of Business Opportunity Self-Assessment Methodology and Business Opportunity Development Planning Tool. ULiège will be responsible for Educational materials and UB for BOSS Platform.