Supporting BOSS users from the Faculty of organizational sciences of University of Belgrade

Second-year students attending the Managing technology and development course at the Faculty of organizational sciences of the University of Belgrade in the period February – May 2020 had the opportunity to test the BOSS platform with different ideas and entrepreneurial endeavors based on new technologies developed as a response to identified challenges. Within the course, 155 new endeavors were developed and evaluated by 690 students with the support of teaching assistants Milica Jovanović and Jovana Rakićević, and under the leadership of prof. dr. Maja Levi-Jakšić.

By utilizing the BOSS platform, student teams have self-assessed their business ideas, checked and upgraded their knowledge, and gained significant feedback regarding the potential improvements of their endeavors.

After the whole process was finalized, the students have sent their impressions, evaluations of the platform, and proposals for future improvements.